Cosmetic Applications: Eco-responsible Ingredients

Since its origin, Couleurs de Plantes® cultivates, harvests and processes plants for some of the world’s biggest names in cosmetics.

Couleurs de Plantes® is experienced in the development of standardized ranges (25 soluble vegetable dye extracts, 15 insoluble plant pigments) and in the research of alternative coloring solutions.

Couleurs de Plantes® also develops customized products as part of its technical services (contact us for more details).

For the cosmetic market, Couleurs de Plantes® products provide manufacturers with access to a complete colour palette of 100% natural products*.

The extracts meet the criteria of organic and ecological labels including Ecocert and Cosmos. (COSMetic Organic Standard)

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Hair Care

For hair coloring products (re-pigmenting shampoos, semi-permanent hair colouring, etc), Couleurs de Plantes® plant extracts enable manufacturers to propose 100% natural* formulations to their clients.

Couleurs de Plantes® can assist French and international brands in developing hair colouring ranges. The company’s in-depth experience in this sector is widely renowned. Couleurs de Plantes® guarantees a total confidentiality in their research and development for clients.


For make-up manufacturers, Couleurs de Plantes® can obtain with pigments (or plant extracts on an insoluble base):

  • make-up bases (concealers, foundation, face powder, blush, etc),
  • eye make-up products (mascaras, eye shadows, pencils, eye-liners, etc),
  • lipsticks (lipgloss, lip care, lip pencils)
  • and nail polish

Hygiene and Personal Care

For hygiene and personal care ranges, plant extracts can color all emulsions types with a strong evocation of the product’s naturalness. A large number of Couleurs de Plantes’® cultivated and extracted plants also contain active antioxidants.

* Couleurs de Plantes® assists its clients in setting up regulatory files and in obtaining certifications (ECOCERT, COSMOS, NATURE AND PROGRESS, etc)