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Our mission is to research renewable and ethically sourced raw materials using manufacturing techniques that respect our environment to develop high quality, beautiful and unique colouring products.


The Rochefort Horticultural CRITT, national player in the French plant field, launched a programme to promote dyeing plants and vegetal dyes. Working on dyeing plant extracts development for industrial applications, the engineering team develops processes for extracting 100% plant-based products offering a wide color palette.
These processes use innovative techniques that ensure a high production volume to meet industrial needs.


Couleurs de Plantes® was founded in Rochefort as a spin-off of the Horticultural CRITT.


PAT (Plant Advanced Technologies PAT) becomes a majority stakeholder in Couleurs de Plantes®


Couleurs de Plantes® is a supplier of natural coloring ingredients (water-soluble vegetable plant extracts and insoluble plant pigments) for the cosmetics, textile and plastics industries.

Couleurs de Plantes®  manages an agro-industrial sector, cultivates dyes and produces plant colors for both industrial and craft applications.

Thanks to the diversity of its cultures and supplies, Couleurs de Plantes® is one of the rare providers in Europe capable of offering such a wide range of colors.

For many years, Couleurs de Plantes® has organized the cultivation of plants in France with a network of farmer partners. These partners comply with the specifications of developed cultivations, meeting the requirements of modern and sustainable agriculture.

To extend its range, Couleurs de Plantes® also sources from farmers in tropical countries.

Plant species cultivated in France

  • Coreopsis Tinctoria
  • Madder
  • Cosmos Sulphureus
  • Weld
  • Dyer’s broom
  • Goldenrod
  • Sorghum Bicolour
  • Alder Buckthorn
  • Polygonum (Dyer’s Knotweed)
  • Chestnut
  • Valonia Oak

Plant Species Cultivated in Tropical Regions:

  • Exotic plants and woods: Henna, Genipa, Logwood,
    Sappanwood, amongst others.
  • Colour Tannins: Cutch, Quebracho, Myrobalan, amongst others.
  • Tropical Indigo

1. Seeds

It took several years to select our plant species and varieties. Couleurs de Plantes® produces and uses its own seeds.

2. Cultivation and Harvesting

The development of innovative cultivation systems led to the drafting of confidential specifications annexed to contracts concluded with farmers.

3. Extraction

Industrial extraction methods were developed internally before being transferred to subcontractors under a confidentiality agreement.

4. Products

The know-how acquired and recognized in all the key stages of manufacturing allows us to produce soluble dyes and insoluble pigments in powder form.



Couleurs de Plantes® has developed a range of standardized products (plant extracts and pigments) used in a variety of products (skincare, personal care and hygiene products, hair COLOURING, make-up and soap).



Couleurs de Plantes® has developed a range of products for dyeing and printing on natural fibres including silk, wool, cotton, hemp, linen and bamboo.

Eco friendly packaging material


Couleurs de Plantes’® insoluble pigments are very well incorporated in biologically sourced or non-sourced plastic polymers. They have excellent resistance to extrusion, injection or blowing temperatures.

Other industries

Other industries

Couleurs de Plantes® plant extracts and pigments can be integrated into all types of materials (bioplastics, renewable plastics, fine paint, watercolors and inks).