bandeau - Quality and Traceability

Couleurs de Plantes® is committed to a quality approach enabling to guarantee traceability and products naturalness to industrial clients.

All industrial batches are systematically created integrating eco-friendly design and traceability, allowing the products to obtain the current labels and certifications in use.

Couleurs de Plantes® is committed to:

  • Ensuring total traceability from the land to the finished product
  • Guaranteeing the quality of the resources and the sustainability for the species that can’t be cultivated locally
  • Refusing to use any species of plant listed in the threatened plant species established by the CITES Convention
  • Fully comply with the Nagoya Protocol for the exploitation of resources

Couleurs de Plantes® implements analytical and documentary procedures to guarantee quality. The company provide its clients with analytical and regulatory documents specific to each business sector.