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Innovative Organic Pigments for (Organic) Materials of the Future

Couleurs de Plantes’® insoluble pigments are very well incorporated in biologically sourced or non-sourced plastic polymers, and have good resistance to extrusion, injection or blowing temperatures.

Plant pigments are used to produce master-batches of plastic polymers derived from petrochemistry or bio-sourced (PE, PP, PLA / potato starch and maize, PLA / wood fibres, PET). In industrial trials, these new pigments have proved to be perfectly suited to plastic production techniques whatever the process, while providing homogeneous coloring.
Also, the trials and tests carried out on colored polymers showed a very good stability at the various temperatures studied (from -18 °C to + 50 °C), good light-fastness in bio-sourced materials, very good in PP and PE.

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Focus on Cosmetic and Food Packaging

Plant pigments have high purity criteria in compliance with cosmetic and food packaging regulations (Regulation (EU) No 1223/2009 and 10/2011).

Global and specific migration analyses were carried out and the migration values were seen to comply with the current regulations.

Master-Batch Development

Industrial partnerships have made possible the production of master-batches’ range and the successful incorporation test into various polymers: PP, PE, PET, PLA.

Couleurs de Plantes® has established a close collaboration with Treffert: