bandeau - Environmental policy

Couleurs de Plantes’® plant extracts, dyes and vegetal pigments are created in France using eco-friendly processes.

Couleurs de Plantes® is committed to:

  • Identifying dye plants, collecting plants and seedlings, cultivating or sourcing plants, in accordance with the Nagoya Protocol and the CITES Convention.
  • Cultivating mainly in its region (New Aquitaine) and using sustainable culture techniques (choice of hardy local species with a natural resilience to attacks, limitation of inputs, splitting of irrigation and a judicious selection of crop rotations).
  • Using clean extraction and manufacturing processes: reducing consumption, extracting with solvents of natural origin (more than 75% recycled), biological treatment of liquid effluents and fertilizing crops with plant waste.

Couleurs de Plantes’® environmental policy and quality management practice allows to ensure:

  • Total traceability from the plot to the finished product
  • An offer of qualified products in large and reproducible quantity

Labels and certification

All Couleurs de Plantes’® plant extracts, dyes and pigments are REACh* pre-registered. The extracts and mordants destined for the textile market are approved according to the international label for organic textiles (GOTS 6.0). The extracts meet the criteria of organic and ecological labels, Ecocert.