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Plant extract (ref C15)

Scientific name: Castanea sativa Mill.
French name: Châtaignier
English name: Chestnut
Botanical origin: Europe (Mediterranean)
Crop production: North of Italy
Part of plant used: wood


N° CAS: [84695-99-8]
N° EINECS/ EC: 283-619-0
INCI name: Castanea sativa extract

Documents available

  • Analysis report
  • Technical specifications
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Raw material information data sheet

Historical importance

Tannins of Chestnut wood although fairly recent used (1819-1820) are the basis of a very important industry in the tanning of hides. It was widely used in the 19th century to dye black liners cloth. The major producers of wood and chestnut tannins were France, Italy and the United States.


The chestnut wood contains mainly ellagitannins: castalin and castalagin, vescalin and vescalagin.

Crop production – Manufacturing

Collect of Chestnut wood and manufacture of dye extract are made in Italy.

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