Chinese Sumac – Gall nut

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Gallnutt Powder (ref C18 – A17)

Scientific name: Rhus semialata Murr./ Rhus chinensis Mill.
French name: Galle de Sumac
English name: Chinese sumac
Botanical origin: China, Japan, Laos, Vietnam
Crop production: China
Part of plant used: Gallnut


N° CAS: 5995-86-8
N° EINECS/ EC: 205-749-9
Nom INCI: /

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  • Raw material information data sheet

Historical importance

Chinese sumac is a shrub. The galls harvested on this tree are used and known as “Chinese Wales”.
In China, these galls were used for mordanting silk or cotton before dyeing .

Blending with iron, it is the main source of gray on silk, especially for the dyeing of Nô theatre costumes in Japan.


It is the richest source of gallotanins (up to 77%).

Crop production – Manufacturing

Galls develop on Sumac leaves in response to the bite of an insect. They are clear and hollow shells 3 to 6 cm long. The wall is translucent and brittle. They are harvested on the tree in summer.

The tannin is extracted several times with water, purified on activated charcoal and then dried.

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