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Plant extract (ref C09), Plant pigment (ref P02), Pigmented oil (ref PH02)

Scientific name: Solidago virgaurea L. / Solidago canadensis L.
French name: Solidage Verge d’or
English name: Goldenrod
Botanical origin: Europe / North America
Crop production: Europe / Poitou-Charentes – France
Part of plant used: Aerial parts


N° CAS: [85117-06-2]
N° EINECS/ EC: 285-559-0
INCI name: Solidago virgaurea (Goldenrod) extract
N° CAS: [96690-40-3]
N° EINECS/ EC: 306-234-2
INCI name: Solidago canadensis flower/leaf/stem extract

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  • Analysis report
  • Technical specifications
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Raw material information data sheet

Historical importance

Solidago virgaurea is registered in the European Pharmacopoeia. Its name comes from its therapeutic properties. Indeed solidor means « consolidate » in latin. It has been used since the middle age for treating wounds. Native Americans used it against rattlesnake bites. It is a perennial species composed of small yellow flowers, widespread in Europe, and especially in France.

In Canada, Solidago was used in herbal medicine by the Indians of the northern United States and Canada (Iroquois, Zuni, Okanagan, and Thompson) and Southern Plains (Navajo). This species was also used by the French and English settlers in Quebec who had a good reputation of dyers. We selected it for its rich colouring substances.


Its main molecules are flavonols in free or glycosylated form.

Crop production – Manufacturing

We cultivate Goldenrod in Poitou-Charentes (France)
We carry out the production of plant extract, pigment and pigmented oil in France.

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