Cochineal (animal origin)

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Plant extract (ref C13), plant pigment (ref P06).

Scientific name: Dactylopius coccus Costa.
French name: Cochenille
English name: Cochineal
Botanical origin: Central America
Crop production: Peru, Chili, Bolivia
Part used: Insects


N° CAS: [1328-60-5]
N° EINECS/ EC: 215-527-3
INCI name: CI 75470 / E120
CI: 75470 Natural Red 4 (carmic acid)

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  • Analysis report
  • Technical specifications
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Raw material information data sheet

Historical importance

The Cochineal was known and used for dyeing cotton or wool by Mexico’s Indians since pre-Columbian times. Its first use date back to Peru’s Indians, 3rd century Before-Christ.

This dyestuff has, in its time, revolutionized the dyes industry because of its very high tinting strength and large range of red shades.

Crop production – Manufacturing

The Cochineals are “cultivated” on different species of cactus in South America (Peru, Chile, Bolivia) and the Canary Islands.

World production is now around 1,100 tonnes for food and cosmetic industries. This is an animal natural dye and it is an exception in our plant range.

The extract is made in South America.
We do the pigment manufacturing in France.

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