Chlorophyll of Lucerne

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Plant extract (ref C12), Plant pigment (ref P04)

Scientific name: Chlorophyllin of Medicago sativa, Morus sp. L.., Spinacia oleracea L., Urtica dioica
French name: Luzerne, Mûrier, Epinard, Ortie …
English name: Chlorophyll of Lucerne, Mulberry, Spinach, Nettle
Botanical origin: Various
Crop production: Europe
Part of plant used: Aerial parts


N° CAS: [11006-34-1 / 80]
N° EINECS/ EC: 234-242-5 / 232-4
INCI name: CI 75815 / E 141(ii)
CI: 75810 / 75815 / Natural green 5

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  • Technical specifications
  • Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Raw material information data sheet

Crop production – Manufacturing

Chlorophyll is present in all higher plants. It is industrially extracted from leaves of various plant easy to harvest: Mulberry, Spinach, Nettle… . But it is essentially produced from Alfalfa which is the most cultivated leguminous in the world specially for animal feed.
This perennial plant of Fabaceae family is also widely used in Herbal Medicine as well as for obtaining green food coloring such as chlorophylls, chlorophyllin and copper complex of chlorophyllin.
The extract that we propose is a food colouring made in Europe.
We process the pigment production in France.

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