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Plant extract (ref C11)

Scientific name: Haematoxylum campechianum L.
French name: Bois de Campêche
English name: Logwood
Botanical origin: Central America
Crop production: Central America
Part of plant used: Wood


N° CAS: [8005-33-2]
N° EINECS/ EC: 232-337-6
INCI name: Haematoxylum campechianum wood extract
CI: 75290 Natural Black 1 & 2 (Hématine / Hématoxyline)

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Historical importance

The Logwood tree is native from Central America where it is particularly abundant in areas of Campeche and Honduras. It was a very well-known and used species in pre-Columbian times by the name of Ek or Hec for body and textile dyeing. It was also known and used by the Aztecs under the names Huitzquauitl, Quamochitl or Curaque.
This species was at the origin of a very important trade after the discovery of Americas. Intensively exploited by the Spanish for four centuries, Logwood will be massively introduced from the late 18th century in the Caribbean and in the Pacific Islands.
Logwood was at the center of war between Spanish and English through their pirates who plundered Spanish ships. This is one of the most famous dye plants in Europe, because of the diversity of colors obtained gray, black, purple, navy blue.
From 18th century Logwood became the main ingredient of black dyes on cotton, silk and wool, “Black Sedan”, “black Bédarieux”, “black Montauban” … The global consumption of 40/50 years still amounted to more than 70 000 tonnes. Applications of Logwood extract still abound: hair dyes, body, medical histology…


Wood heart contains haematoxylin that oxydizes to haematin (neoflavonoids molecule). It also contains many types of tannins.
The presence of flavonols and chalcones has also been reported.

Crop production – Manufacturing

The Logwood tree belongs to the Fabacae family. It grows quicly, mainly in Central America. The reddish brown heart wood is harvested after eight years
The manufacture of Logwood extract is made in France.

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